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Making an Impact with Music.

About LOTL

Lights on the Lawn (LOTL) is a student-run charity concert at Vanderbilt University that benefits the Mary Parrish Center, a safe haven for survivors of interpersonal violence. LOTL is the premier undergraduate entertainment industry immersion program in the United States, giving students hands-on experience in operations, logistics, finances, and marketing. Since its inception, LOTL has raised $749,000 for the Mary Parrish Center and has welcomed over 40,000 fans.


Ben Peterson

Vice President of Finance

Lucas Giraldo

Vice President of Marketing

Juliana Pratt

Vice President of Mission Advancement

Sophia Rassin

Vice President of Logistics

Nick Fleisher

Vice President of Logistics

Noah Stern

Logistics Advisor

Henry Schatz

Teddy currently serves as the Co-Founder of KOACORE , an AI-powered supply chain marketplace, and CEO of KOA-Live, an event technology and service provider. Since 2020, Teddy has overseen KOACORE’s efforts delivering over 90 million critical supplies and providing managed health & safety services at over 1,500 live events across the globe. While an undergraduate student at Vanderbilt, Mr. Raskin founded Lights on the Lawn, where he continues to advise.

Teddy Raskin   |  Founder of LOTL | Co-Founder, KOACORE

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